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Originally a neighborhood café, Beit Haamudim is now an internationally acclaimed jazz club with a longstanding tradition. Just by looking at the dedicated program which offers live jazz seven nights a week, it’s clear that music is the central focus of all operations here.

The club is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Tel Aviv, Nahalat Binyamin Pedestrian Mall, in a charming old building from the eclectic era.


The story of the club begins in 2011. The café was empty and struggling. A jazz lover named Yael Hadany, with a background in the restaurant business, suggested to Eran Kol, the café’s owner and a musician himself, to take a chance and invest in weekly jazz performances.

Crowd enthusiasm was immediate, and more and more shows were added to the program. 

Over the years, some of the biggest names in jazz have performed at Beit Haamudim on multiple occasions - Avishai Cohen, Yonathan Avishai, Joel Frahm, Omer Avital, Eli Degibri, Aaron Goldberg, Yuval Cohen, Barak Mori, Ofer Ganor, Amit Friedman and many more. Over 3000 live jazz concerts have been held at Beit Haamudim so far.


Beit Haamudim continues to be recognized as one of the most significant cultural institutions in Israel. The club was listed as one of the 11 Best Jazz Clubs in the world by Business Insider, and has received a quality mark from DownBeat Magazine for several years in a row.

We will continue to provide a home to all local and international jazz lovers every day, and at a fair price for everyone. We are grateful to our community - the audience, musicians and staff -who’ve built the foundations of this home and continue to give it meaning.

“The house is always open to come without arriving and to go without leaving”

From the Media

From the Media

One of the best jazz clubs in the world resides in Tel Aviv

Ben Salev - Oct 11th 2015

“It is very clear why how such a solidarity community has grown around this venue”

TripAdvisor - Beit Haamudim

“A great Jazz joint in Tel Aviv” “An exceedingly good jazz club”

One of the Best Jazz Venues In The World

The only Israeli representative in the DOWNBEAT International Jazz Venue Guide in the past 3 years.
“Beit Haamundim hosts the best of Israeli’s jazz scene seven days a week.”

7 Hot Spots to Catch a Jazz Show Every Single Night of the Week

Natasha Gammell

“It brings Israel’s finest musicians into its warm and loving environment for nightly rotations of live syncopated deliciousness.”

11 of the best jazz clubs in the world

Nikos Fotakis - Sep 26th 2015

"The Israeli jazz scene has been in full bloom for quite some time now, and it owes a lot to venues like Beit Haamudim.”


William Finnegan

“A modern tourist wishes to feel as a local in a forign city. In this bar, you can easily feel at home.”

Israeli Jazz Taking Giant Steps as talent returns home

Jonah Mandel - Apr 26th 2016

"It started from one evening, and an audience grew around it; another evening, another one, another one..”

Celebrating 6 Years of Jazz at Beit Haamudim

Chiquita Levov Dec 20th 2017

“The meetings are very special because in addition to the band on stage a lot of musicians stop by, local or foreign, which creates some really unique nights”

From the Musicians

From the Musicians


Eran Kol

“Being selected as one of the best Jazz Venues in the world, for the second time, warms our hearts :-)”

Gilad Abro

“To me, Beit Haamudim is one of the most important things that ever happened here in Israel. It really is a home to all the musicians from different ages, social backgrounds, and cultures and it's always a gathering of friends. A creation of magical energy, crazy good music you can't get anywhere else. The place is intimate so every musical note can be felt in the air. This kind of intimacy makes us, performers, feel highly connected to ourselves.”

Barak Mori

“After 17 years in NYC, returning to Israel wasn't easy. I found a home in Beit Haamudim. The best musicians in Israel play there every night, so it's always fun to stop by, listen, drink, talk, laugh and just hang out...The entire staff, from the owner, the bartender or the cook, always make me feel a part of a loving appreciative family. This family atmosphere is amazing and really all you can ask for…”

Yonathan Avishai

“I Got to know Beit Haamudim pretty late. I’ve heard so much about it but it took me awhile to discover it myself. For me, the most significant thing about Beit Haamudim is that it feels like home. Both the crowd and the musicians need a warm, accessible, vivid, smiling and.. delicious place. A space that presents original live music but also welcomes everyone who appreciates the love for music. The daily live music and affordable price makes Beit Haamudim a special place that provides culture at its best! All this would never be possible without the warm environment and honest intention to create a home for culture, of music and jazz. Thank you Beit Haamudim!”

Yuval Cohen

“Beit Haamudim is a real home. A home of Jazz, of musicians and of a wonderful crowd who knows that every night, they will witness real live jazz, loyal to tradition and yet wandering and exploring. The vibe is wonderful, the food is good, and the beer is great. Come home!”

Yonatan Voltzok

“Beit Haamudim Is the spark that lit a new fire in the Israeli Jazz community. The place you know you’ll always find excellent music that makes you feel at home. Everyone who plays at Beit Haamudim and the crowd that comes by already know that our hearts are there too.”

Special Projects

Special Projects

Combo Jazz

Chasin' the Bird Jam Session

Art Exhibitions

Not Just Jazz

Round About Jazz Festival

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