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We Made It!!

Getting a New Piano!

You are called upon to help fund a beautiful new piano for the home of Tel Aviv Jazz musicians! 

Beit Haamudim is the musical and spiritual home of Israeli jazz musicians, where they have grown up since they were children, where they perform for the first time, where they return after glorious careers abroad. This is where they come to meet the community. It is a place that inspires 15 pianists (some who are signed by the biggest labels in the world of jazz) to gather and dedicate their time to film a video to recruit a new piano. 

Beit Haamudim has always grown from the close collaboration between the musicians and the people who come to see them. The audience of Beit Haamudim are those who come to listen and experience the music and be a part of it. 

The piano in Beit Haamudim is a special thing. It’s been loved by so many musicians past and present. It’s guided us through thousands of shows. But it is getting tired and weary, and the time has come to say goodbye. We’re looking for a new piano and we’re asking you to help fund a new one, to bring new life and energy into our music.

We sent Yonathan Riklis and Eden Ladin to trial, two excellent pianists with a different playing style, along with a photographer (who is also a pianist) to Melnik Pianos to choose a new piano for Beit Haamudim. 

We found the one. 

Now we need the generosity of the amazing audience and community of Beit Haamudim to fund the special piano we've found. 

We’ve invited 15 of the best pianists who play regularly at Beit Haamudim to play a piece on the piano and share their experience of it. The pieces that all the pianists have recorded and what each pianist said about the piano are waiting for you to share so we can succeed in our mission. We hope this will inspire you. 

Any donation, small or large, would be appreciated from the bottom of our hearts. Pinchas and Tomer from Melnik Pianos, the piano shop, were generous enough to donate the first 10K. We're so grateful.

Thank you always for your support for music in Tel Aviv!

Our Progress:



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Shai Maestro - Playing “I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face” by Frederick Loewe

Katia Toobool - Playing “Embraceable You” by George and Ira Gershwin

Anat Fort - Playing “Clouds Moving” by Anat Fort

Eden Ladin - Playing “How Deep Is The Ocean” by Irving Berlin

Tom Oren - Playing "This Nearly Was Mine" by Rodgers and Hammerstein

Yonatan Riklis - Playing “Other Thoughts” by Yonatan Riklis

Hila Kulik - Playing "L'lmpossible" by Oscar Peterson


Alon Tayar - Playing “Ugly Beauty” by Thelonious Monk

Gadi Stern - Playing "Improvised piece on a new Peteof" by Gadi Stern

Deborah Dery - Playing “Sinai” by Deborah Dery

Igor Khodorkovsky - Playing “What Is This Thing Called Love” by Cole Porter

Guy Moskovich - Playing “Someone To Watch Over Me” by George and Ira Gershwin

Eden Giat - Playing “Self-Portrait in Three Colours” by Charles Mingus

Milton Michaeli - Playing "Improvisation" by Milton Michaeli

Iftah Kary - Playing Just as Though You We're Here by John Benson Brooks

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